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Sync Products, Orders, Inventory and Fulfillments from your Shopify Store to Peoplevox Warehouse Management System.

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Grow your business by synchronizing your Shopify store and Peoplevox Warehouse Management System.



New products and product updates, including all product variants, automatically synced to your Peoplevox Warehouse.



Orders automatically synchronized to your Peoplevox Warehouse from Shopify. Including any updates to the orders.



Stock levels from your Warehouse are synchronized to your Shopify store as soon as they are available. Make inventory management a breeze!



Once orders and picked and packed synchronize fulfillments back to Shopify, so your customers know their order is on the way!


Purchase Orders

Integrate purchase orders directly from Inventory Planner. Goods In are automatically received against Purchase Orders in Inventory Planner. Increasing your purchasing efficiency!


Build for scale

Build for any scale! Whether you are just getting started with your Warehouse or experienced at running your Store.

The dedicated team at Pimsical have consistently exceeded our expectations by providing exceptional support throughout our integration of Peoplevox and Shopify.

Their commitment to troubleshooting complex challenges alongside us has been instrumental in optimizing our warehouse operations and driving substantial growth.


One simple price, no matter what size your business is or how many orders are placed!

Only £50 per month for synchronizing all your Products, Orders, Inventory and Fulfillments!

Over 1.25 million syncs processed over Black Friday 2022.


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