Purchase Orders with Inventory Planner

You can now integrate Purchase Orders into your PeopleVox Warehouse Management System with our Inventory Planner integration!

When Purchase Orders are updated in Inventory Planner we will sync these into PeopleVox once a day, where you can start receiving goods against.

When you receive goods against Purchase Orders in PeopleVox, the goods will also be automatically received against your Purchase Orders in Inventory Planner.

Don't copy any data between your systems again!


  1. Setup
  2. You're in control
  3. Purchase Orders
  4. Receive Goods
  5. Contact Us


Set up in 3 simple steps!

  1. Navigate to API settings inside of Inventory Planner

Screenshot of Inventory Planner API Settings

  1. Copy the Account ID into the Inventory Planner Integration section on warehouse.pimsical.app

  2. Generate the API Key and copy it into the Inventory Planner Integration section on warehouse.pimsical.app

Screenshot of warehouse.pimsical.app Inventory Planner Integration Settings

You're in control

Click the checkbox and save your settings. This will enable the Inventory Planner integration and start daily syncing of purchase orders!

Using the Setting in our system, you can control whether it uses your Primary or Test Site in PeopleVox. You can change the settings at the click of a toggle!

You can turn this on or off whenever you like, you have got complete control.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are pulled once a day from Inventory Planner at 2pm UTC. These are then synchronised into your warehouse. Ready for you to receive goods against.

Receive Goods

When you receive goods against the Purchase Orders that have been synchronised into PeopleVox. We will synchronise those receipts against the Purchase Orders in Inventory Planner too! Keeping Inventory Planner up to date with your Warehouse.

Contact Us

Got any questions about our Inventory Planner Integration? Get in touch, we'd love to chat!