Keeping inventory levels accurate can be a headache! Lost items, movement of goods, incorrect goods in and plenty more operational problems.

PeopleVox helps you manage your warehouse and keep on top of your inventory levels. Scanning all movements of goods ensuring accurate inventory levels.

Pimsical can then sync those inventory levels back to Shopify to ensure they reflect what is going on in your warehouse!


  1. Setup
  2. Manual Sync
  3. Bulk Sync
  4. Contact Us


Once you have set up the Shopify and PeopleVox connections in Pimsical.

  1. Ensure your products have been synchronised to your warehouse and that the inventory levels in PeopleVox are correct.

  2. You can enable the syncing of inventory to Shopify. This will then update Shopify when inventory levels change in the warehouse.

Screenshot of Pimsical Settings

Manual Sync

If you want to synchronise a specific product, you can ask your PeopleVox team to trigger an inventory adjustment for an product.

Bulk Sync

If you would like to manually update all the inventory of products, please contact us and we can help do this for you.

Contact Us

Got any questions about our Shopify Integration? Get in touch, we'd love to chat!