Product Enrichments with Shopify

Pimsical already synchronises products from Shopify to PeopleVox, find out more here. This covers off all the information you need for products, to begin picking and packing orders and delighting your customers.

However, there are a few more things you can do to make your products even more useful in PeopleVox. This guide will cover off enriched product data.

This includes information you might need for customs for example Country of Origin or Harmonised System Code.

It also includes Product Categories, which is useful for reporting and analytics.


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Once you have set up the Shopify and PeopleVox connections in Pimsical.

  1. It is important before you enable enriched product sync, that you have enabled the standard product sync. This ensures your warehouse will be in the best starting point when enabling the sync.

  2. You can enable the syncing of product enrichments to the warehouse. Once this is enabled, we will check Shopify periodically for any changes to your products and update them in your warehouse. This will happen with periodically of changes being made.



When shipping your orders around the world, you will need to provide customs information. This includes the Harmonised System Code and Country of Origin.

You can set these in Shopify, and they will be synchronised to your warehouse within the product enrichments.

This information will be set in both the shipping information for a product, and the product attributes in PeopleVox.

Product Categories

Product Categories are useful for reporting and analytics in PeopleVox. The Product Categories can also be used to group your products together in PeopleVox, at a higher level.

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