Products with Shopify

Stop! Put the spreadsheet down and step away from Excel.

Products are the foundation of your business. They are therefore the foundation of our integration between Shopify and PeopleVox.

Shopify is the source of truth for products. Our integration updates your warehouse whenever your products are created in Shopify. We also update the warehouse whenever a product is updated in Shopify.

Ensuring that your warehouse is up to date!

Don't copy spreadsheets of products again!


  1. Setup
  2. Manual Sync
  3. Validation
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Once you've set up the Shopify and PeopleVox connections in Pimsical.

  1. First, we recommend running a Product Validation Job. PeopleVox requires both a unique SKU and unique Barcode for every product. This job will check all your Shopify products against this criteria and email you with the results.

Screenshot of Product Validation

  1. When your products are valid, there are two options for products!

  2. You can enable the syncing of products to the warehouse. This is the product information you need before you can synchronise your orders. Once this is enabled any products that are created or updated will synchronise to your warehouse.

Screenshot of Pimsical Settings

Manual Sync

Once your products are valid. You can also trigger a manual job that will synchronise all your products from Shopify to your Warehouse. This is useful during your initial setup of PeopleVox.


Ensuring your products remain valid and can be successfully imported into your warehouse is critical to the running of your fulfilment operations. To help you do this you can run a product validation job against your products anytime, using the controls in Pimsical. This will check the SKUs and Barcodes in Shopify are unique.

Contact Us

Got any questions about our Shopify Integration? Get in touch, we'd love to chat!