Returns can be a widespread problem for businesses.

Processing returns can be slow, complex and prone to human error.

It also can be abused by ecommerce return fraudsters, returning empty or swapped items for a refund or exchange.

It also has a serious impact on your customers experience. A bad returns process can lead to more customer complaints and can create a negative experience for customers, failing to meet their expectations. A smooth and efficient returns process, on the other hand, can help ensure customer satisfaction and lead to positive reviews and repeat business.

PeopleVox helps manage your returns process efficiently. Allowing you to create a return against orders, and requiring the returned items to be scanned into the system.

This reduces the likelihood of fraud and errors by ensuring the process is controlled through PeopleVox system and only correct items can be returned.

Also helping to make your returns processing fast and efficient, along with handling the inventory actions post return.


  1. Where does Pimsical come in?
  2. Setup
  3. What does this look like in Shopify?
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  4. Returns processes

Where does Pimsical come in?

Customers expect to receive refunds for their returns quickly and understand where their return is.

Pimsical integrates with Shopify and PeopleVox returns systems.

When a return is processed in PeopleVox, Pimsical synchronises the return back to Shopify this will mark the order in Shopify as returned and we will automatically process the refund for the return.

Streamlining the returns process for you, reducing any manual intervention required to process returns and refunds back to your customer.


Once you have set up the Shopify and PeopleVox connections in Pimsical. Do not enable this sync if you are using a third party returns provider such as Loop Returns or Happy Returns for example.

  1. You can enable the syncing of returns to Shopify. This will then update Shopify when returns are processed in the warehouse.

  2. You can choose to fully refund shipping or not when refund is processed in Shopify.

Screenshot of Returns Settings

What does this look like in Shopify?

In Shopify, we will use their returns API to create a return for the products, and then use refund the customer without any manual intervention required!

Reducing the delay in customers getting their refund and any human errors in processing the returns.

Here is an example of what a returned order looks like in Shopify.

Screenshot of Return in Shopify


We will automatically refund any products, that are not marked as 'Exchange' or 'Damaged \ No refund' in PeopleVox.

Returns processes

If you would like to leverage Shopify self-serve returns or connect your third party returns provider into the Pimsical returns integration. Please contact us, we'd love to chat about returns integrations!