The dedicated team at Pimsical have consistently exceeded our expectations by providing exceptional support throughout our integration of Peoplevox and Shopify.

Their commitment to troubleshooting complex challenges alongside us has been instrumental in optimizing our warehouse operations and driving substantial growth.

Jordan from the Pimsical team was a game-changer for the backend operations of our business. Optimising our fulfilment processes and shipping partner integrations, reduced the time it took for us to ship orders to customers, by several days. While also ensuring our customers always knew the status of their order and could track its progress.

The Pimsical team have been an amazing help, setting up our new warehouse, including how to best pick, pack and ship our custom Heat boxes.

They streamlined our operations and eliminated the friction points that would have slowed us down and frustrated our customers. Making our backend operations more efficient and reliable, allowed us to continue to grow our business and delight our customers.